Coalition for Space Exploration: Space Flight Keeps Us ‘Closer and Safer’

The Coalition for Space Exploration, a collective of many prominent, established aerospace firms has released the second part of its “Think Outside the Circle” campaign that highlights the positive influence of space exploration on our everyday lives.

The latest installment is called “Closer and Safer” details the conversation of a young woman and an astronaut through Twitter. The video progresses and shows the astronaut in different and unexpected places, showing how space travel has improved the quality of living of so many down here on Earth.

The release of this public service announcement coincided with the final launch of space shuttle Endeavour which took place on May 16. It lasts about a minute and has the astronaut discuss how space-based technology helps out in cases of emergency like fires and hurricanes and in more personal matters like eye surgery.

The campaign’s purpose is to garner support among the general population as well as the U.S. leadership. This PSA is similar to the first in that it takes events that take place on Earth and highlights how space-derived technology impacts average citizens in their day-to-day lives.

“We enjoy a myriad of real benefits each day as a result of space exploration,” said Coalition Chairman Glenn Mahone. “Our intention is to not only inform viewers about these benefits, but cause them to think in new ways – outside the circle of Earth – and ask, ‘What’s next? What would our lives be like without these technologies?”

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