Boeing 767 Makes Emergency Landing in Poland

Boeing 767 Makes Emergency Landing, Photo Credit: Wojtek Radwanski/AFP/Getty Images

The pilots of a Boeing 767 aircraft carrying 231 passengers made an impressive emergency landing today in Warsaw, Poland with a crippled aircraft. According to CNN, the flight from Newark, New Jersey landed at Frederic Chopin International Airport without the use of both the main and nose landing gears. The pilots flew the aircraft around the airport in Warsaw for over an hour to burn fuel and decrease the landing weight.

The jamming of the landing gears was caused by a central hydraulic system failure. CNN reports that emergency crews were put into place and prepared for the emergency landing. A small fire was extinguished by the emergency crews once the skidding aircraft came to a halt on the runway. Passengers are seen exiting the aircraft as it is being hosed down following the emergency landing, and all are reported to be without serious injury.

The Frederic Chopin International Airport is reported to remain closed to air traffic until 8:00 AM local time Wednesday until they can moved the damaged aircraft from the runway.


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