Dreamfire: The Art of Jeffrey Soulliere


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – Jeffrey Soulliere is a slight, soft-spoken man with an artist’s eye. He turned that eye toward the lead up to the launch of a United Space Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Medium rocket. Whereas many of the still shots highlighted the majesty of the powerful rocket – Soulliere’s work focused on the oblique lines, colors and stark beauty of the Delta IV. 

Soulliere is different from many of the photographers and members of the media that regularly cover the Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center beat. He worked for United Launch Alliance on the shuttle program and with former Apollo astronaut Thomas P. Stafford. 

With the shuttle program behind him, Soulliere has become determined to show the world what spaceflight is truly like – through his eyes. One would think that his years in the space program would have made events like the tower rollback for the Delta IV “old hat” for Soulliere. This is not the case. Soulliere looks at everything with the wonder and awe of a person seeing it for the first time – he then tries to convey what he sees to the world.


Although only having worked as an aerospace photographer for a short time, Jeffrey Soulliere has developed a style that has set him apart from other photojournalists. Photo Credit: Jeffrey J. Soulliere


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