Gingrich & NASA

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Yesterday, Newt Gingrich held a town hall in Cocoa, Florida to tell Brevard County voters about his vision for space exploration. Gingrich emphasized that his goal is to once again get people thinking big about space. Thanks go to SpaceFan and CSpan.


  1. he’s pandering..telling Brevardians just what they want to hear. He does it in every state he goes to.
    5 launches a day? not at KSC! they would have to be all over the world, safety would never allow it >1 a day here. he’d be powerless to put the $$ needed into NASA. And bureaucracy? doesn’t he realize he was PART of that bureaucracy? ugh!

    • Between Romney and Gingrich, the space program really doesn’t have any friends. And the other side isn’t any better.

      I seem to recall another presidential candidate who in late August 2008 went to the Space Coast and made a lot of broad promises to support the space program. But, upon entering office not only didn’t he follow through, but actually did pretty much the opposite of what he promised. As if that isn’t bad enough, he stands a better than even chance of getting re-elected.

      So no matter who is in the White House, the American national space program is facing 4 more years of depending upon Congress to do what it’s done since 2010, make sure we have a real space program.

      • We can only hope.

        News reports are saying Romney will speak at KSC this afternoon and hos camp is saying he will give the workers there “bitter medicine”.

        He appears to be personally anti-space and his polisters Florida without the space coast.

  2. Newt has visions and ideas which may not represent the present state of NASA. Yet doing great things requires new ways of thinking. Involving the commercial sector is an appropriate approach and making NASA be more visionary again can only be beneficial.
    Romney is openly anti-space. He does not appear to have any great ideas. I really can’t see why the space coast would have any motivation to support him.

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