AmericaSpace Image Used by NASA Ames

Photo Credit: Jason Rhian / AmericaSpace

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – AmericaSpace is a small outlet with a talented group of photographers that contribute daily to the content that we provide. It was, therefore, an honor to have one of our images selected by NASA Ames Aviation Systems. The picture, of NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Kennedy Space Center Director Robert Cabana, the Director of Kennedy Space Center’s External Relations Directorate, Cheryl Hurst and the commanders of Atlantis’ first and last missions, STS-51J and STS-135. These were Karol “Bo” Bobko and Chris Ferguson.

It was the inclusion of Bobko that attracted the attention of NASA Ames to the image which appeared in our article detailing the move.

To see the article click here: Atlantis

3 comments to AmericaSpace Image Used by NASA Ames

  • John R. Hilliard

    Congratulation Jason. This an honor for you and AmericanSpace. I really enjoy seeing your articles each day.
    Keep up the good work. John Hilliard

  • Leonidas

    Go AmericaSpace!

  • Karol

    AmericaSpace is absolutely, unquestionably, the BEST source for space exploration news and views! Well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS AMERICASPACE! Hey, we who bear the proud name of “Karol” are always glad to help whenever we can! 🙂