The Space Store Now Offering the Art of John Lomberg!

Image Credit: John Lomberg
Image Credit: John Lomberg

The Space Store is proud to announce that they now feature the work of John Lomberg! Lomberg is a renowned artist who honed his trade in a 25-year partnership with famed cosmologist Carl Sagan. His work is considered to be some of the most important space-themed art of our time, as he was the Design Director of NASA’s legendary Voyager Interstellar Record, which became humanity’s self-portrait launched on a billion-year voyage to the stars. His work with NASA spacecraft, however, didn’t end there.

The sundials that the Mars Exploration rovers and Mars Science Laboratory rover used all were created with Lomberg’s assistance. For his efforts he has had an asteroid named after him; asteroid 6996 was renamed Asteroid Lomberg in his honor.

Lomberg was also the designer of the animated opening of the movie “Contact,” often selected as one of the 100 Best Movie Openings of All Time. He also created the mural “Portrait of the Milky Way” for the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

The Space Store now offers limited edition prints, giclée prints, and postcards based off of Lomberg’s work. To review the products now offered by The Space Store, click here: John Lomberg

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