Cocoa Beach Photography Offering Stunning Space Imagery

Photo Credit: Cocoa Beach Photography
Photo Credit: Cocoa Beach Photography

Ever wish you could find high-quality space images from photographers who were actually at the events? Mike Howard of Cocoa Beach Photography has been taking pictures of launches and other space-related events since the Apollo era and has decided to open up his treasure trove of images to the public.

Howard owns and operates Cocoa Beach Photography, and he has photographed not just the launches of space shuttles and Atlas, Delta, Titan, and Falcon 9 rockets, but also scores of other fascinating and historic events that have taken place along Florida’s Space Coast. Additionally, he’s offering a cartoonizer free for all to use, allowing you to turn any of these incredible images into cartoons with ease.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these breathtaking Professional Headshot Examples that capture the essence of individuals involved in the space industry, showcasing their confidence and expertise against the backdrop of space exploration. Explore this unique blend of space and professionalism to elevate your appreciation for both the cosmic wonders and the dedicated individuals who contribute to this extraordinary field.

To view some of these images, check out Cocoa Beach Photography’s Facebook page here: Cocoa Beach Photography

If you’re not on Facebook and would rather contact Howard directly, simply email him at:

These prints are made in-house at Michael Howard Photography’s office and are printed as large as 24×36. Here is a cost breakdown of each image size.

Photo Credit: Mike Howard
Photo Credit: Mike Howard

Professional Photographic Luster Paper

11×14:   $35.00

16×20:   $45.00

20×24:   $55.00

Professional Watercolor Artistic Paper

11×14:   $45.00

16×20:   $55.00

20×24:   $65.00

For special sizes, such as full frames not mentioned, please contact Howard for a quote.  Roll Canvas and Metallic are available for an additional fee. Canvas is not on a stretched frame for shipping.

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