SLS Core Stage Test Welds Begin at NASA’s Welding Wonder in Michoud

A ring and barrel recently loaded onto the Vertical Assembly Center at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. The tool is being used to perform confidence welds prior to welding together the first SLS core stage tanks. Credit: NASA/Michoud

MICHOUD ASSEMBLY FACILITY, NEW ORLEANS, LA — The first pieces of rocket hardware […]

On @ The 90: NASA Re-Reaches for the Nuclear Future

NASA is revisiting sources of propulsion that could greatly aid crews visiting distant locations in our solar system. Photo Credit: MSFC / Emmett Given

Research at the Marshall Space Flight Center has picked up on an old thread to advance rocket technology. Known as the Nuclear Thermal Rocket, this technology uses the heat […]

Proposals Sought for Two NASA Space Telescopes

Two space telescopes given to NASA by the National Reconnaissance Office, both of which have characteristics similar to the Hubble Space Telescope (seen here), are being opened up for proposals for innovative uses. Photo Credit: NASA

NASA is looking into a variety of potential uses for two of the space agency’s space-based telescopes. […]

NASA Delays Shuttle Move Again

Endeavour to spend another night on the Space Coast.Photo Credit Blue Sawtooth Studios / Julian Leek

NASA managers have postponed the ferry flight of space shuttle Endeavour to Wednesday, Sept. 19. The decision was made to ensure a safe flight for Endeavour and the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. A low pressure front in the […]

Weather Postpones Shuttle Endeavour Ferry Flight

NASA Fire Department passes Endeavour. Photo Credit Blue Sawtooth Studios / Julian Leek

WASHINGTON — NASA’s planned ferry flight of space shuttle Endeavour atop the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) has been postponed until Tuesday, Sept. 18 due to an unfavorable weather forecast for Monday, Sept. 17.


Chimps, ‘Pee-Sacks’ and Timid Germans: The Fateful Decisions of Freedom 7

Fifteen minutes after leaving Cape Canaveral, Alan Shepard splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean and is pictured being winched to safety. His mission paled in comparison to Yuri Gagarin's orbital flight, but helped to light the touchpaper for America's drive to land a man on the Moon. Photo Credit: NASA

When Alan Shepard came […]

Pre-Proposal Conference for NASA’s Commercial Program Held

Lee Pagel, NASA's Acquisition Planner, addresses attendees during the CCiCap conference held at the Courtyard Marriott in Cocoa Beach, Florida on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Photo Credit: Julian Leek

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – A conference was held at the Courtyard Marriott in Cocoa Beach, Florida on Tuesday for pre-proposals for the next round of […]

“A Catastrophe of the Highest Order”: The Tragic Legacy of Roger Boisjoly

A poignant image of a fragment from Challenger's shattered body, bearing the fallen craft's name. Photo Credit: NASA

By peculiar coincidence, Roger Mark Boisjoly, who died last month, aged 73, lived as long in years as Challenger did in seconds. Both achieved remarkable feats in their all-too-short lives. Both pushed boundaries and broke […]

Opinion: “When Will We Go Back?” SEI, the VSE and the Hope for the Future

When will we have a clearly-defined objective to explore beyond low-Earth-orbit again? Image Credit: NASA

“Politicians,” astronaut John Young once said, “are a strange bunch of critters.” In its first half-century of life, NASA propelled humanity further than ever before: into space, to the Moon and to the farthest reaches of the […]

NASA’S Orion Spacecraft to Land in Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama

Orion has made journeys similar to the one it will embark on. Back in July of 2011, the spacecraft toured the country before it was displayed at the Kennedy Space Center press site for the final launch of the shuttle program. Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

WASHINGTON — A test version of NASA’s Orion […]