Craig Covault Joins AmericaSpace as National Security Correspondent

Craig Covault, an aerospace journalist with 40 years of experience covering space issues has joined the AmericaSpace team. Photo Courtesy of Craig Covault

AUSTIN, Texas – Veteran aerospace journalist Craig Covault has joined AmericaSpace, an online space news outlet that covers a wide range of the U.S. space program. Covault will serve primarily as the outlet’s national security correspondent covering different nation’s military space applications. Covault is also expected to broaden AmericaSpace’s planetary science coverage as well. 

Covault’s career spans some four decades, having first started reporting on the space program under Reader’s Digest grants during the Apollo era. Covault has written approximately 3,000 articles on space during his 37 years with Aviation Week & Space Technology.  He joined AIAA’s Aerospace America as a contributing editor in 2008. 

Covault is the only journalist to perform a fully space-suited extravehicular activity simulation of a Hubble Space Telescope service mission. Photos Courtesy of Craig Covault

He has filed stories from 20 countries and written extensively on space from Russia, China and Japan, as well as Europe where he was Paris Bureau Chief for four years. 

Covault, like many other journalists in the post-shuttle era, was looking for an outlet that matched his writing strengths. Given that AmericaSpace was in need of someone with milspace expertise and Covault has years of experience covering the topic – Covault was considered a perfect fit for the outlet’s needs. 

Covault, seen here with some of the crew of STS-115, got his start covering the Apollo Program. Photo Courtesy of Craig Covault

“AmericaSpace is making a commitment for the coverage of U. S. military space, including reconnaissance programs along with coverage of Chinese and Russian space programs,” said Covault during a recent interview. “As a journalist with 40 years of experience in these topics, as well as planetary exploration, I look forward to helping the AmericaSpace differentiate itself from other web sites.” 

AmericaSpace’s Editor Jim Hillhouse was pleased with Covault’s joining the media outlet. Hillhouse, an aerospace engineer, has worked for several years to build AmericaSpace into a website where information regarding political and technical details concerning the U.S. space program is offered in an easy-to-understand format. 

“We’ve worked very hard to produce a quality website, attracting a small but highly-skilled staff, it’s been hard work – but I think the site reflects the caliber of personnel that work for AmericaSpace,” Hillhouse said. “We are very excited to have Craig join that team.”

Covault has covered the space programs of other nations extensively. In this image he discusses the proposed replacement for the Russian Soyuz Spacecraft with the CEO of Energia in Moscow. Photo Courtesy of Craig Covault
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  1. We have been following Covault’s articles for years. We are very pleased that he is back. He is the best there is.

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