'The Most Complex So Far': What 2003 Might Have Been

Columbia roars into orbit for the 28th and final time on 16 January 2003. Eighty-two seconds into the ascent, a chunk of foam from her External Tank would spell disaster for the outcome of STS-107. Photo Credit: NASA

Twelve years ago, last weekend, Shuttle Columbia and the crew of STS-107—Commander Rick Husband, Pilot […]

'Major Malfunction': The Final Launch of Challenger, 28 Years Ago Today

Challenger’s final crew, as they should be remembered: positive and brilliant individuals, happily striving to explore space and further humanity’s reach into the Universe. In the back row (left to right) are Ellison S. Onizuka, Sharon Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, and Judy Resnik. In the front row (left to right) are Mike Smith, […]

Endearing and Enthusiastic: 30 Years Since NASA's Teacher in Space Project

Mission 51L Commander Dick Scobee talks to schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe about the instrumentation of the shuttle’s flight deck during pre-launch training. Photo Credit: NASA

Thirty years ago, yesterday, on 27 August 1984, one of the most momentous—and, as circumstances would transpire, also tragic—events in space history unfolded, when President Ronald Reagan announced the […]

Silver Jubilee: Endeavour’s Missions At A Glance

Named in honour of Captain James Cook’s vessel – which explored the South Pacific and charted the coast of Australia – it was obvious from the outset that Space Shuttle Endeavour would open new horizons…and so she did. Photo Credit: NASA

Twenty-five missions, 148 astronauts and cosmonauts flown, 296 days spent in space, […]

Silver Jubilee: Endeavour’s 25 Glorious Missions

In the pre-dawn darkness of 1 June 2011, a curtain closed on Endeavour’s remarkable career as her 25th and final space voyage drew to a close. Her accomplishments are many and varied and never to be forgotten. Photo Credit: NASA

Twenty years ago, last May, NASA’s youngest Space Shuttle speared for the heavens […]

Win a Space Shuttle Replica Signed by Five Astronauts!

Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

Ever wish you owned a high-quality Space Shuttle replica of your very own? How about one signed by several astronauts? AmericaSpace is looking for a few (well more than a few actually) “likes” on Facebook and is offering an astronaut autographed, 1/200 scale Space Shuttle orbiter to the person […]