Win a Space Shuttle Replica Signed by Five Astronauts!

Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

Ever wish you owned a high-quality Space Shuttle replica of your very own? How about one signed by several astronauts? AmericaSpace is looking for a few (well more than a few actually) “likes” on Facebook and is offering an astronaut autographed, 1/200 scale Space Shuttle orbiter to the person who gets them for us!

The Space Shuttle replica, generously donated by RTM Display Models, is autographed by astronauts, Scott Parazinski, Susan Kilrain, Ken Cameron, Barbara Morgan and Robert Springer.

This amazing prize will be awarded to the person to get the most people to “like” AmericaSpace on Facebook by Oct. 13 (the winner must get a minimum of at least 300 “likes” to AmericaSpace’s Facebook page). To confirm that this has taken place, please have the individuals who you’ve directed to AmericaSpace do the following: After the person “likes” AmericaSpace on Facebook, they should send a message telling us at AmericaSpace who suggested that they “like” us.

There are even rewards for those over-achievers out there! For each additional 300 “likes” after the initial 300 – we will get another space-flyer to sign the shuttle (limited to an additional five signatures). Meaning? The winner could end up with one spectacular memento of the spacecraft that powered the United States to orbit for 30 years – that has been signed by up to 10 astronauts!

Second and third place participants will receive a personalized image signed by a the astronaut of their choice (amongst a list provided to them after the contest ends) along with a small assortment of decals and pins. This contest will run until Sept. 13. Here are the bios of the astronauts who have currently signed the shuttle replica:

Photo Credit: NASA

Kenneth Donald Cameron is a former space shuttle astronaut. He flew into space three times aboard the space shuttle. His first mission was STS-37. Flying aboard shuttle Atlantis, the primary mission being the deployment of the Gamma Ray Observatory and took place in 1991. His second mission, STS-56, took place on shuttle Discovery. Cameron flew into space for the last time on STS-74 again on shuttle Atlantis. This was a flight to the Russian space station Mir and he served as the commander of this flight.




Photo Credit: NASA

Susan Kilrain reported to NASA’s Johnson Space Center as an Astronaut Candidate in March 1995. Following a year of training, she worked technical issues for the Vehicle Systems and Operations Branch of the Astronaut Office. She also served as spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) in mission control during a number of space shuttle missions. A veteran of two space flights, she logged over 900 hours in space. She flew as pilot on STS-83 and STS-94. Kilrain retired from NASA in 2002.





Photo Credit: NASA

Barbara Radding Morgan was the backup to Christa McAuliffe who was the primary candidate in NASA’s Teacher in Space program. Following the loss of Challenger and her crew, Morgan assumed the responsibilities of the Teacher in Space Designee. Late in 1986 Morgan resumed her teaching career in Idaho. Then in 1998 she was selected by NASA as a mission specialist. Nine years later in 2007, Morgan traveled aboard shuttle Endeavour to orbit on STS-118. She has since retired from NASA.





Scott Parazynski, M.D. is a physician as well as a former shuttle astronaut. Parazynski is a veteran of five Space Shuttle flights STS-66, STS-86, STS-85, STS-100 and STS-120 as well as seven spacewalks. Parazynski’s final flight to orbit saw him conduct a daring and unplanned extra-vehicular activity or “spacewalk” to fix a damaged solar array. He left NASA in 2009 and is the only astronaut that has climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest.





Robert “Bob” Springer is a retired astronaut and test pilot who flew two missions into space as a mission specialist. Springer is a decorated aviator who served in the United States Marine Corps. He flew some 500 combat missions in Vietnam. As an astronaut Springer first flew on STS-29 aboard space shuttle Discovery. His second flight was STS-38 which took place on Atlantis. Springer has more than 237 hours in space as well as 3,500 hours in jet aircraft.




  1. OMG If I could win this for my grandson, he would be sooo surprised and so excited….My grandson Carlos has wanted to be a Pilot for most of his life, and he is only 11!!!! His goal in life is to become a pilot and then get into NASA…He has been going to NASA to perform for the local office, and when he went on his 1st tour at the age of 6 HE HAS BEEN HOOKED!!!!

  2. I have been a NASA fan for many many years! Hope I win I do not have any autographs from NASA!

  3. in 1969 I was in Hawaii for the return of Apollo 11 I was able to get on the hornet and touch the CM how cool was that!

  4. This would make a perfect addition to my collection. I was a CMQC from 1988-2010 at KSC in the LCC.

  5. Hi all,

    We’re glad to here that everyone is so excited about our contest! Remember, get your friends and family to “like” AmericaSpace on Facebook and then message us and let us know who referred them!

    Sincerely, Jason Rhian

  6. I would really enjoy winning one of these awesome shuttle program replicias…thank you.

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