Someone Jumped To Conclusions…

I received this from Keith Cowing of NasaWatch a few minutes ago.

From: Keith Cowing <>
From: Keith Cowing <> Date: November 15, 2009 7:15:19 PM CST To: James Hillhouse <> Cc: Keith Cowing <> Subject: Such a coward.  Can't even use your own name.

I want to assure Keith and NASA Watch that neither I nor anyone on the AmericaSpace team posts to NASA Watch directly or indirectly…ever.


NASA Watch editor Keith Cowing emailed me twice this morning basically accusing me of lying and implying that I have participated on the NASA Watch discussions after I “unregistered” from NASA Watch on October 15th. That. Is. Not. True.

Keith also made the point in his email that I am not noted here on this site as the owner of

While this site’s domain is registered under my name, James Hillhouse, I am not the sole owner of I have updated the “About” page to reflect this.

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