NASA Official: Rumors Wrong, New 'Socials' to Be Planned, Held

Image Credit: NASA

A re-post of a NASA memo that appeared on NASA Watch, SpaceRef, and later Universe Today suggested NASA will not be creating new versions of the highly-popular social media events known as “Socials.” This created a bit of an uproar from fans of these events. The belief that “Sequestration will […]

Top Secret KH-11 Spysat Design Revealed By NRO’s Twin Telescope Gift to NASA

Graphic characterizes the off track imaging capability of the NRO KH-11 Reconnaissance spacecraft. Image Credit:

The design of the legendary National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) KH-11 type digital imaging reconnaissance spacecraft, top secret for 36 years, has been revealed by the NRO’s transfer to NASA of two surplus recon satellite telescopes which NASA […]

Top Secret Radar Satellite Set for Vandenberg Liftoff

Artist’s concept of the new NRO imaging radar has large circular synthetic aperture radar antenna to focus energy on targets, and large solar arrays for high power to achieve high resolution. Photo Credit: Charles P. Vick GlobalSecurity.Org

A top secret National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) imaging radar reconnaissance satellite weighing 8 tons, is planned […]

India’s New Space Radar More EarthSat Than ReconSat


ISRO says computer graphic is true to 3,900 lb. RISAT-1 design, although it has released no pictures. Imaging radar panel is 6 x 20 ft. while solar arrays span about 40 ft. Photo Credit: ISRO

India’s new imaging radar satellite (above) is undergoing final testing prior to launch in mid April on […]

Commercial Crew Sticker Shock For NASA

Space News’ Amy Svitak covers the turbulence caused by a recent Aerospace Corporation report in Commercial Crew Market Study Generates Small Firestorm, one that tried to put a number on the future cost to NASA of commercial crewed launches. Instead, the Aerospace Corporation report, a copy of which is available on, may force […]

Opinion: Spam, Insults and Immaturity - Debating Space Policy Hits New Low

It appears that, in their desperation, those that support the new space agenda will stoop to new lows to silence critics. Photo Credit: White House

An Op-Ed posted on AmericaSpace concerning views about the Obama administration’s dramatic change in direction for America’s space program came under attack recently. However, rather […]

'O' Pinion - A Note to S. 3279 Supporters - Votes Have Their Consequences

President Obama's policies have had a severely negative impact on America's space industry. Photo Credit: White House/Pete Souza

During the 2008 election season the people of Florida’s Space Coast were nervous. The shuttle was set to retire and the Constellation Program that was set to replace the shuttle – was […]

Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Calls Bolden

In an interview on MSNBC, Jay Barbree stated that the first man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong recently called NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden “…to express to Bolden his concern [about the new NASA plans]. Bolden told Neil that he was going to take care of it. And now we have […]

Who Is Running NASA?

Charlie Bolden At KSC Press Conference – AP Photo

As reported both by the Wall Street Journal’s Andy Pasztor in, NASA Chief Bolden Seeks ‘Plan B’ for the Space Agency and in Space News in, Johnson Space Center Prepares Plan B with Boldens Permission, there seems to be some recognition by NASA’s Administrator […]

Burt Rutan’s Letter To Rep. Wolf

Burt Rutan (Art Streiber)

Thanks to SpaceRef for Burt Rutan’s Letter to Rep. Wolf

Thomas M. Culligan Congressional Appropriations Legislative Assistant The Hon. Frank R. Wolf (VA-10)


I occasionally banter with my friend, Mike Griffin on subjects that include golf, the AGW scare and NASA policy. After sending him my latest […]