Facebook Save Constellation Movement: 13000 Strong and Growing

Pro Constellation groups have sprouted across facebook over this past week in fast response to the President’s proposed budget plans to cancel the Constellation Program. These groups are led by everyday American’s who want a say in the future of their space program. We have started our own group on facebook and want to recommend several others for people to join in support of Constellation and human spaceflight.


Save NASA’s Constellation and Manned Spaceflight Program

Support NASA and the Space Program

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  1. I have been a Sales Engineer for the past 11 years, have a B.A. and an M.B.A. in International Business from Wayne State University in Detroit and am finishing a B.S. in Physics at night at The University of Michigan. I have worked with a Tier Two Aerospace Defense supplier in Michigan with several of the Prime Contractors for the Constellation Space Program specifically the Ares I Rocket which was tested in October and which I watched on-line from my office in Detroit. I proudly have all the lapel pins for Constellation (Ares I Test Flight, Orion, Altair) and I am just sickened and saddened that our country places a much higher emphasis on the value of AIG Insurance and its insultingly dubious real estate ventures, bail them out to the tune of 36 Billion Dollars and then take away the dreams of engineers from M.I.T., the Air Force, NASA, The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where Lockheed Martin was conducting research to protect Orion from Interstellar Radiation outside the Earth’s magnetosphere shield. This goes against the spirit of Presidents John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan who supported Space Exploration as way of making things better on Earth and giving our people goals to strive for. Our country is under extremely poor leadership and decisions are not being made with the engineers, jobs, and spirit of our nation. I hope and pray that the Administration will change its mind and rectify this sad moment in our nation’s history. To think that we would farm this out to Russia is just pathetic…

Backpedaling Fast

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