Battle of the Facebook Groups-Largest Pro-Constellation Hits 21,000!

AmericaSpace Update: Updated numbers

Several groups have risen up on Facebook to fight against, as well as on behalf of, the Obama Administration’s new plans for NASA.

Here is a list of pro-Constellation groups fighting the Administration’s plans,

Pro-Constellation total: 74,757

Meanwhile, here’s a list of anti-Constellation groups that support the Administrations plans,

Anti-Constellation total: 4,091

If Democracy is about numbers of voters interested in a policy, we’d have to conclude that the President’s new policy isn’t likely to survive when a 18:1 ratio of people on Facebook oppose those policies as approve of them.


  1. Neal,

    Thanks for your comment.

    No, we didn’t scrub either collection of groups since we felt that both sides are seeing equal percentages of cross-overs. Also, none of us are good enough with Facebook’s API’s to build an app on the fly that could scrub all of the groups. After all, we’re talking about comparing 75,000 folks in the pro-Constellation space alone.

    Jim-AmericaSpace Editor

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