Obama on National aspirations

The Washington Post reports in Obama signs health-care reform bill that according to the President,

“we are not a nation that scales back its aspirations.”

This may be the President’s claim for one form of legislation, but this is by no means the impact of his NASA budget proposal which is devoid of destinations, schedules, and firm milestones for our nation’s lead in human spaceflight.  After nearly two months, and more than a year of demoralizing our nation’s hard-working human spaceflight community, very little concrete direction or believable numbers have come out of the leadership about this supposed new NASA direction with all of its lofty claims and visions.  Rather, we are seeing profound impact to our leadership in human spaceflight, our national security and industrial base, not to mention further unemployment in states already significantly impacted by the Great Recession.  This sounds more like a scaling back of our nation’s aspirations, contrary to the President’s own words.

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