Announcement — President Will Spend Amazing 45 Minutes Talking To Space Coast

2008 Obama Space Speech

Well, finally! With only 6 days to go, details have emerged about the President’s trip to the Space Coast, as reported by Florida Today’s Todd Halvorson in, Obama To Arrive At KSC At 1:45 P.M. April 15.

On Thursday, NASA Administrator Bolden said that the President would make a major space policy speech.

So, how long will the “major space policy speech” take? How long will he talk to the people, 30,000 of whom he will put on the path towards seeking “new” directions for their careers because his “new” direction, his NASA Administrator’s Plan A, lays them off?

A day?
Several hours?
An hour?

45 minutes.

That’s all of the President’s time that the folks on the Space Coast rate – 45 minutes.

Actually, it’s worse than that. While the President will arrive at 1:45 PM and begin his speech at 3:00, his departure at 3:45 means that his speech will be very short of 45 minutes. And unsaid is what he will do while he’s down on the Space Coast. 2 hours to land, visit with workers at just one NASA center, speak, and then depart does not give the President much time to see what his policy towards NASA will do.

But, not to worry Floridians, it’s not as though you are not on the President’s mind–after his “major space policy speech”, the President will then travel down to Miami to spend several hours first attending a cocktail soiree/fund-raiser with the Estefans at their home, and then another fund-raiser.

AmericaSpace Update: Updated post to reflect schedule…and grammatical errors 🙁


  1. Incredible…..President Bush NOT Obama put the folks at KSC of seeking “new” directions for their careers for craziness sake.

    Tell me, when Bush made the decision to do that, did he even come here, did he look this way? No, he went duck hunting. Look it up.

    You need to get focused and look at the budget…get going with your can do attitude and for the most part, you should have been preparing the last 3 years, not trying to blame it all on one person.

    Go Shuttle! Go NASA! We WILL make KSC the premier space launch center AFTER we bring it into the 21st century……

    • Of course, Diana is correct in pointing out that part and parcel of VSE was the retirement of Shuttle in 2010. But what Diana fails to mention is that this was premised on Ares I/Orion flying in 2011.

      Had NASA kept to that schedule, the impact on KSC would have been light.

      But that is not how things have played out. At best, Ares I/Orion will fly in March 2015, and that will likely only happen if someone high up at NASA channels their inner George Mueller and moves the Ares I/Orion program on an expedited schedule. But we digress. The point is that everyone has known about the growing “gap” between the Shuttle’s retirement and first flight of Ares I. In fact, candidate Obama, after first being against Constellation in his campaign’s November 23, 2007 Education policy statement in which he proposed cutting Constellation by 65% for 5 years to pay for his proposed education initiative, came out in favor of not only Constellation, but in closing the gap by giving NASA more money to accelerate Constellation during his Titusville space speech in early August 2008.

      How does President Obama fulfill this Titusville campaign promise? By not only continuing with closing down the Shuttle program, but also trying to terminate Constellation, the only light at the end of the tunnel for KSC workers and the Center itself. The nonsensical babbling that is the current NASA Administrator’s attempt to explain the rational of the President’s plans for NASA that end our nation’s place as the leader in human space flight only adds insult to injury. As to facing those he is about to turf out Diana, do you believe 2 hours is enough? We certainly don’t, especially when the President will spend that time and more fund-raising in Miami.

  2. Show up on April 15th.

    ” It is my sincere hope that the KSC workers, their families, and all the communities in Brevard and Florida line the roadways leading into the meeting site by the thousands and let Obama and his cronies know just how they feel about his killing America’s Human Space Flight Program. Be seen and be heard folks!” – RV-103

    Please see: and for a good read on this issue.

    History will not remember Charlie Bolden for being a shuttle astronaut or a general in the military. He will be remembered for being the NASA Administrator who carried out Obama’s will in killing America’s Human Space Flight Program and harming our country and thousands of families. I don’t know how he can look the other astronauts or aerospace workers in the eye without shame when he walks the halls of the various space centers.

    Remember, this is America’s Human Space Flight, your jobs, and your communities survival at stake. It’s up to you to take a stand and line the streets going into KSC on April 15th showing Obama and Bolden what you think of their actions. Be there, be seen, and be heard!

    • We could not agree more that Charlie Bolden’s name will live in infamy as the man who, on the President’s orders, drew the knife on our nation’s human space flight program.

      True people of dignity have in the past shown that there are some orders from the President that you should not follow. Rather than saluting the President’s proposal, we believe NASA leadership should have staged another “Saturday Night Massacre”, just as those who ran Nixon’s Justice Department did when they stood up against their President.

      As for Charlie Bolden, what a senseless fall from grace.

  3. You guys are stupid if you think Obamas’ going to do anything but throw you a few bones to keep him and his idiots in that area elected.

    He believes that the money spent on you and your dumb space program should go to the inner city thugs who continue to keep blacks in poverty. You know spread that wealth, and the space program does noting for a brother in the hood.

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