NASA Email–Preservation of Records During Investigation

AmericaSpace Note: And…the investigation begins. Whoever fired Hanley really set a prairie fire.

From: “Roan, Bernard J. (JSC-AL111)”
Date: May 28, 2010 2:58:11 PM CDT
To: “Altemus, Stephen J. (JSC-EA111)…

Dear All:

Senators Rockefeller and Hutchison have asked the NASA Inspector General to investigate the circumstances of Jeff Hanley’s reassignment and whether there have been actions intended or that could reasonably have been expected to foreclose Congress’s ability to consider alternatives other than the FY2011 NASA Presidential Budget. It is possible that you, or someone who works for you, may have created, have received or possesses documents since February 1 that relate to or discuss the circumstances of Jeff’s reassignment, or the execution of the Constellation program. By ‘documents’ I mean records of all kinds, including any emails, formal correspondence and memos, and even informal notes.

Please preserve all such documents you may have, whether in hard copy or electronic form, until I advise you otherwise. It is not necessary right now for you to search your records to identify them, to inform me of them, or to create copies of them. We can’t be sure how broadly the IG investigation will reach, and I wouldn’t want you to waste the effort right now. Just be mindful of any deletions you make of your records, whether individual documents or categories of documents, and whether ad hoc or scheduled.

In addition, please pass this email along to anyone in your organization who may have documents as described. The same instructions (i.e., preserve their documents, pass the word on to others who work for them who may also have relevant documents) apply to them.

If you or anyone affected by this direction have any questions, feel free to call me at 281-XXX-XXXX, or on my Blackberry at 281-XXX-XXXX.



—–Original Message—–
From: Falcon, R Andrew (HQ-XXXXX)
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2010 1:09 PM
To: Bolden, Charles (HQ-AA000); Garver, Lori B. (HQ-AB000); Robinson, Elizabeth M. (HQ-IA000); Cooke, Douglas (HQ-BA000); Mcnally, William P. (HQ-LP010); Radzanowski, David P. (HQ-AH000); Roan, Bernard J. (JSC-AL111); Bierbower, William J. (MSFC-LS01); Scolese, Christopher J. (HQ-AI000); Statler, L. Seth (HQ-VA000)
Cc: Wholley, Michael C. (HQ-MA000); Sherman, Richard W. (HQ-MA000)
Subject: Preservation of Records During Investigation

Recent press reports have indicated that certain Members of Congress have requested that the NASA Inspector General investigate 1) the circumstances of Jeff Hanley¹s recent reassignment, and 2) whether this or other recent actions by NASA were intended or could reasonably have been expected to foreclose the ability of Congress to consider meaningful alternatives to the Administration¹s FY 2011 Budget plan for NASA.

NASA has not received a copy of this request, however, since the investigation appears to be likely, NASA is now obligated to preserve all relevant materials.

Any NASA office possessing relevant records must preserve them. Please take steps to ensure that materials in any format relating to either the decision to reassign Mr. Hanley or to actions taken with respect to the Constellation Program since February 1, 2010 be preserved. Each Addressee should immediately notify all employees to ensure preservation of any responsive materials.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact R. Andrew Falcon at

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