We’re Back Up & Running

We apologize for the downtime…

We apologize to our readers for the recent down-time that AmericaSpace.org has recently experienced.

Last Friday, the MySQL database had a hiccup. This, and some other long-time server peculiarities led us to dump MacOS X 10.5 Server. So, last night, we moved the server over to MacOS X 10.6 Server. The reason we chose to upgrade to Snow Leopard Server is so that we, in the near future, can offer much more than just a blog, which we will roll-out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, AmericaSpace.org will be humming along and will continue to bring you news of the fight to save our nation’s human space flight program.

We would like to thank Joseph at Onramp Access for his help in making this update

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