White House Throws NASA Administrator Bolden Under The Bus

Washington, the City of Self, where the Golden Rule is…”If you want a friend, buy a dog“, never ceases to amaze. According to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, as reported by the AP in The Associated Press: White House denies NASA remark on Muslim outreach, NASA Administrator General Charles Bolden was never given instructions to reach-out to the Muslim world. The Washington Post also chimed-in with the same story.

AmericaSpace Note: The problem with “Bolden Going Rogue” is that the Marine General has been nothing if not a good soldier… in fact, he’s been enthusiastic in defending the President’s very unpopular proposed space program, one he had no voice in crafting, unlike others at NASA. So, we are a bit doubtful that the General has suddenly gone awry. And being Washington, there is the whiff that this imbroglio is being used as an opportunity to throw Bolden under the bus so that others might remain, and even move up, within NASA and the White House may deflect the embarrassment that it will soon endure over the Congressional refusal to support for its proposed plans to rewrite the nation’s human space flight program.

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