Congratulations To SpaceX On FAA Re-Entry License

NASA released the following statements on Monday,

    “Congratulations to the SpaceX team for receiving the Federal Aviation Administration’s first-ever commercial license to reenter a spacecraft from Earth orbit. With this license in hand, SpaceX can proceed with its launch of the Dragon capsule. The flight of Dragon will be an important step toward commercial cargo delivery to the International Space Station. NASA wishes SpaceX every success with the launch.”
    Charlie Bolden, Administrator
    “Milestones are an important part of space exploration and SpaceX achieved a very important one today. I congratulate SpaceX on this landmark achievement and wish them the best with their launch of the Dragon capsule.”
    Doug Cooke, Associate Administrator, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

SpaceX deserves a big congratulations for this achievement, especially as the first company to receive such a license. Everyone here wishes SpaceX a good mission on its first re-entry.

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