AmericaSpace Note: It was announced today that the MPCV will be based on the Orion spacecraft. Here is a timeline of the Orion program published by NASA.

Currently, Orion is the only new spacecraft being built that has had a successful human rating certification preliminary design review (PDR). Word is that MPCV’s critical design review (CDR), which will finalize the design of the spacecraft, will come within the next couple of months. When Orion is completed in early 2013, it will be the first new human rated spacecraft since the Space Shuttle, the vehicle that it is replacing.

MPCV Timeline


  1. I thank the MPCV will be safer than oiron and help supplie the Iss utill 2020 or longer.

  2. A round trip duration of 21 days seems low for deep space missions. However, it looks like it could provide a spacious habitat for the crew of four and additional supply modules with food, oxygen , possibly fuel @ propulsion could
    attached for the durations needed for astords
    amd Mars – (at leaat a year). Key design challenge is to protect the crew from radiation from solar flares, and micro meteorite damage.

MPCV Based On Orion

NASA Administrator Bolden’s MPCV (Orion) Statement