Interview with Astronaut Bob Crippen on Florida Space Day


Video courtesy of AmericaSpace

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — It’s not every day that you get to sit down with a United States space flight legend—but that’s exactly the opportunity afforded to AmericaSpace, when the pilot of the very first space shuttle mission, Robert “Bob” Crippen, spoke with us about why he was helping inform legislators about the importance of Florida Space Day. This was my second time interviewing Bob, and it reminded me of a few things: first, this man is a legend, and second, he’s an incredibly easy person to talk to. Stay tuned to AmericaSpace for more updates from Florida Space Day!

Bob, along with everyone else who participated in Florida Space Day, had a long day. He still, however, took time to pose for this picture. I normally don’t post “trophy” pics of myself. But Bob’s a great guy, and it was a good day, so what the hey. …

Due to these elements, however, this should strictly be considered an editorial (opinion-based) piece.

Photo Credit: Marisa Rhian
Photo Credit: Marisa Rhian

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  1. Jason: Great interview with Bob Crippen. It’s a shame that time was short. It would have been interesting to get his comments and insights on the STS-1 mission, especially with the missing tiles. Crippen is truly one of the giants of the American manned space program.

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