Orion Spacecraft AR Experience

Update: On 11/13 the Orion AR/VR experience was updated.

If you are like us, you probably would like to know more about the Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft that is heading to the Moon today. Better yet, perhaps you’d like to have an AR experience and sit in the spacecraft. Or at least be able to look at a 3D version of the Orion spacecraft. Well, here you are.

Clicking on this link will take you to Dropbox, where you can download this file, “Artemis Orion CSM.reality”.

There are some limitations that have to be mentioned. “Artemis Orion CSM.reality” will work well on the iPhone and iPad. However, it might not be viewable on Android, desktop, or laptop. Our apologies. AR is a new world and not everyone is playing nice with each other.

The model will continue to be updated over time to enhance its realism.

For those who can view this AR experience, we hope you enjoy doing so. Go Artemis!

Click on this image of Artemis Orion Command and Service Module (CSM) to begin your adventure. Credit: James Hillhouse

Update: We have heard that getting this experience isn’t the easiest process. That falls on me, the creator of this experience and one who posted it. I apologize for the trouble our readers had in navigating what turns-out to be quite a process – 9 steps no less! Hope this helps.


  1. I have been a faithful follower of Americaspace for many years – however that will be ending soon – if you can not keep up to date with news. It is Sept. 10 th and your lead story states that NASA will attempt SLS 1 launch Sept. 3 rd. That did NOT happen. Why should I continue to support your page ?

    • Up to date news and daily articles means having a full time staff of writers and editors. Site has gone downhill since last year, maybe their budget dried up. Used to be a great place for space reporting

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