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Launch of SLS with payload RS-25 Engine Test

Video courtesy of NASA

Mission Live Updates
The live feed will appear here

Launch of RS-25 Engine Test on a SLS rocket from Promontory, Utah launch complex A-1 Test Stand
Launch RS-25 Engine Test for SLS from the Stennis Space Center

The penultimate hot fire test of an RS-25 rocket engine that will power the core booster of the SLS rocket will take place at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The test is scheduled to occur at 4:30pm EDT (20:30 GMT) on August 13 on the historic A-1 test stand.

The tests also support the development of a new controller, or “brain,” for the engine, which monitors engine status and communicates between the vehicle and the engine, relaying commands to the engine and transmitting data back to the vehicle. The controller also provides closed-loop management of the engine by regulating the thrust and fuel mixture ratio while monitoring the engine's health and status.
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