ISS At 20: Remembering STS-106, OTD in 2000

As @NASA marks 20 years of @Space_Station habitation, AmericaSpace looks back at STS-106, the mission which prepared the crew quarters for #Expedition1. […]

'Dying All Tensed-Up': 30 Years Since the Troubled Secret Mission of STS-27

Atlantis roars to orbit on the morning of 2 December 1988, 30 years ago today. Photo Credit: NASA

Thirty years ago, at 9:30 a.m. EST on 2 December 1988, Atlantis rocketed into crystal-blue Florida skies to begin the second shuttle mission in the wake of the Challenger tragedy. Two months earlier, her sister […]

'A Clockwork Not of Earthly Pace': Celebrating the New Year in Space (Part 1)

Tonight, six spacefarers from three sovereign nations will observe the transition from 2016 into 2017 from the International Space Station (ISS). Photo Credit: NASA/Scott Kelly/Twitter

With a naval officer in command of the International Space Station (ISS), it might have seemed obvious that New Year’s Day 2001 would carry a corresponding nautical tradition. […]

'Collateral Damage Toll': Celebrating Christmas Away from the Home Planet (Part 2)

Expedition 26 crew members Scott Kelly (top) Paolo Nespoli (left) and Catherine “Cady” Coleman bale out of their sleep stations in the Harmony node on Christmas morning in 2010 to celebrate the big day. Photo Credit: NASA

As we observe the traditional date of Christ’s birth, spare a thought for the five men […]

Fifteen Midnights: Celebrating the New Year in Space (Part 2)

The Expedition 46 crew will be the next group of humans to spend the New Year away from the Home Planet. From left are Scott Kelly, Sergei Volkov, Mikhail Kornienko, Tim Kopra, Tim Peake, and Yuri Malenchenko. Photo Credit: NASA

In recent days, six pairs of eyes were glued to the windows of […]

'Good Luck to the Building': 15 Years Since STS-97 Powered-Up the Space Station (Part 2)

By the end of his third EVA on STS-97, Joe Tanner had accrued over 33 hours of spacewalking time, counting his prior experience servicing the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Photo Credit: NASA, via Joachim Becker/

For more than a decade, we grew used to the sight of shuttles approaching to dock at the […]

'The First Shuttle Ever to Bounce': 15 Years Since STS-97 Powered-Up the Space Station (Part 1)

Fifteen years ago, next week, STS-97 installed the first set of U.S.-built solar arrays, radiators and batteries onto the International Space Station (ISS), transforming it into the brightest artificial object in Earth’s skies. Photo Credit: NASA, via Joachim Becker/

Fifteen years ago, next week, power—in the form of two immense, electricity-generating solar arrays, […]

NASA Observes 15 Years of Unbroken Residency Aboard International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) celebrates its 15th anniversary of continuous human occupation today (Monday, 2 November). Photo Credit: NASA

No crystal anniversary gifts were exchanged among the Expedition 45 crew—Commander Scott Kelly, Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko, Oleg Kononenko and Sergei Volkov, NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren and Japan’s Kimiya Yui—today (Monday, 2 November), […]

'We Can Do This': 15 Years Since Expedition 1 Opened the Doors to the International Space Station (Part 2)

The Expedition 1 crew (from left) of Yuri Gidzenko, Bill Shepherd and Sergei Krikalev spent more than 136 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS) during their 140-day mission between October 2000-March 2001. Photo Credit: NASA

Fifteen years ago, tomorrow, the first team of astronauts and cosmonauts arrived at the infant International Space […]

'Let's Go Get This Done': 15 Years Since Expedition 1 Opened the Doors to the International Space Station (Part 1)

Clad in their Sokol (“Falcon”) launch and entry suits, Expedition 1 crew members (from left) Bill Shepherd, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev began the permanent occupancy of the International Space Station (ISS), 15 years ago, this week. Photo Credit: NASA

At 4:21 a.m. EDT on Monday, 2 November, the International Space Station (ISS)—which […]