Space & The Florida Primary

Space is now a “big” subject for candidates running in both parties as they seek to win the Florida primary on January 29th. You can follow this at the excellent site, The Write Stuff. Rudy, Mitt, Obama, and Hillary have all come out with space policies, though Hillary’s seems to be the most developed.If you don’t believe that space has become important, consider this; Obama’s space plan has gone from practically killing Orion to instead finishing it but not working on technology that would get us to the Moon, much the same as Hillary. Hillary was the first Democratic presidential candidate to put forward a comprehensive space policy several months ago.As for the Republicans, Rudy seems to have the most robust notion of getting us back in space on Orion with as little gap as possible from the time the Shuttle is retired. Romney basically went to KSC for a tour and then had a photo opp at the KSC Visitors Center where he answered questions but, in classical Romney fashion, really didn’t.Are these candidates really serious about space? Who knows, but I doubt that these folks really have the “space bug”. Rather, they realize that any vote lost along the I-4 corridor could cost them the state and its big bunch of delegates.

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