Bill: To the moon, Barack! – First Read –

Bill: To the moon, Barack! – First Read – “”

Bill Clinton, campaigning for his wife in Houston, made the first clear argument why a candidate’s support, or lack of, is important for constituents. It will be interesting if that takes or not. I hope it does.

It’s time that voters, especially those in areas like the Space coast of Florida, Houston, etc. recognize that their vote for a candidate will have downstream effects on our nation’s space program. If they strongly support the nation’s manned program, they need to vote accordingly for the candidate that also supports the manned space program.

Obama wants to either curtail or kill the manned program after Orion is developed. His plan is that the Shuttle will be retired and Orion will replace its role of circling us endlessly around Earth, just as we’ve done since Gargarin and Glenn. Now that’s change!

Clinton is a better candidate for the space program and the only Democrat that, for the first time, really supports our nation’s manned program effort to return to the Moon. Let’s hope Democratic voters in Ohio and Texas take note.

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