Showing The Money – Chinese Space Spy Nets $3 million

Dongfan Chung via Christina House AP

Chinese spy gets 15 years for hurting space shuttle program: “The case against Dongfan ‘Greg’ Chung was the United States first trial on economic espionage charges.

The government accused Dongfan Chung, a stress analyst with high-level clearance, of using his 30-year career at Boeing and Rockwell International to steal the documents. They said investigators found papers stacked throughout Chung’s house that included sensitive information about a booster rocket fueling system — documents that employees were ordered to lock away at the end of each day. They said Boeing invested $50 million in the technology over a five-year period.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Staples noted in sentencing papers that Chung amassed a personal wealth of more than $3 million while betraying his adopted country.

The (People’s Republic of China) is bent on stealing sensitive information from the United States and shows no sign of relenting

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