Thanks, but…

A reader sent us this letter along with this story.

Last August, when news that the Obama Administration’s was considering ending Constellation, he sent the White House a letter in which he made the case that Constellation remains our best chance to reach the Moon and beyond and asked the President to preserve Constellation.

Now roll-forward six months, an attempt to end Constellation is in full swing and he receives this letter from the White House. Needless to say, our reader was not impressed.

For those who imagine this was a partisan swipe at the President, the reader voted for Obama in 2008.

One Comment

  1. Yeah I got the same letter the same plattitudes and appeasment this guy got. It is a tragety to have the temporary occupants of the White House think they can destroy a National Treasure such as our space program, that’s Americas program it’s everobodies program.

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