Should We Have Called Ares I Soyuz Amerikanski?

Orion Docs With ISS

Check-out the latest by the always interesting Taylor Dinerman on Space Review, The Space Review: Mike Griffin’s greatest mistake. He makes the case that calling Constellation Apollo on steroids was possibly not the best term to use.

"If allowed to go forward, Ares 1 has the potential, over the long term, to be America’s answer to Soyuz, a system that can launch on time and within budget. Every subsystem on it has been and will be subject to a continual process of improvement. Unlike the Saturn V, which only flew 13 times, the Ares 1 has the real potential to fly hundreds of missions safely and reliably. Like Soyuz it may even have the potential to launch private citizens into orbit and beyond."

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  • I am not sure what Taylor was smoking when he wrote this essay, but hopefully, this article will be Taylor’s biggest mistake.

    Ares I + Orion are designed to support beyond LEO missions. To compare it to an obsolete LEO dead-end such as Soyuz would be like comparing a Ferrari to a 1985s Volvo station wagon.