President to Outline His Vision for NASA Opposed By Armstrong

An excellent article by NYTimes reporter Ken Chang, President to Outline His Vision for NASA.

He points out the following:

    New Space advocates such as Augustine Committee member Edward Crawley feel that the White House has done a poor job of articulating its plan and vision.

    Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, Gene Cernan, Eugene Kranz, Chris Kraft and many others find the essentials of the plan flawed, not just the presentation.

    Only one member of Congress, Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, has enthusiastically endorsed the White House space plan.

    Administration officials have noted that the budget request adds $6.1 billion to NASA’s budget over next five years, which they say demonstrates the president’s support to the agency.

    But that follows a $3.4 billion cut that Mr. Obama made last year in the five-year projection for the Constellation part of NASA’s budget.

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