NASA Administrator Bolden’s Al-Jazeera Interview

AmericaSpace Note: Special thanks go to Spacey for this link. The Al-Jazeera interviewer asked much more pointed questions than most members of Congress, never mind the U.S. press, have previously posed concerning the logic of turning over America’s human space flight program over to commercial launchers even as the funding comes from the American tax-payers. Bolden’s effervescent “excitement” that China and India are vying to surpass the United States was noteworthy. As was Bolden’s admission that critics of the Obama space plan may indeed be motivated by concerns of America’s loss of leadership in human space exploration. But most revealing of how the Obama Administration views America’s role in the world was Bolden’s admission that the U.S. cannot, or will no longer try, to send humans beyond low-earth orbit independent of other nations.


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