House Debates NASA Senate Bill-Vote Pending

AmericaSpace Update 5: The vote on S. 3729 was recorded electronically and came out to 304-118
AmericaSpace Update 4: S. 3729 is being voted on!
AmericaSpace Update 3: According to Bill_Adkins, the recorded vote will be at about 9:45PM Centeral.
AmericaSpace Update 2: According to Bill Adkins on the Hill, the recorded vote won’t occur until around 11 PM Central. Pretty late hour for the House leadership to muster enough votes.

AmericaSpace Update: Rep. Giffords has requested a recorded vote on S. 3729. So, the House has not passed it. Sorry for the confusion.

The House of Representatives has concluded its floor debate over Senate Bill 3729. A recorded vote will be held later. 2/3rds of the House must approve of S. 3729 for it to pass. Updates will be forthcoming.

Fight In The House Over Senate NASA Bill

House Passes Senate NASA Bill