Cocoa Beach Air Show: A Pictorial Review – Part 1

The Navy Seals parachute demonstration team, the 'Leap Frogs' open up the 2010 Cocoa Beach Air Show. Photo Credit: Ken Strohm/

While words are nice, sometimes the best way to summarize an event – is in pictures. Such is the case with the Cocoa Beach Air Show, held on the beach October 30-31. An amazing, American experience that sets a new standard in air show entertainment. Our first set of images will deal with the opening act, the Navy Seals Leap Frog Parachute Demonstration Team.

Tandem skydivers spiral down to show center during the 2010 Cocoa beach Air Show. Photo Credit: Ken Strohm/

The U.S. Navy was not the only branch of the U.S. armed forces that had skydivers perform however. The U.S. Army had the 101st ‘Screaming Eagles’ on scene and they too gave the crowd plenty of reason to get excited.

This jumper from the 101st Airborne trails red smoke as he prepares to touch down. Photo Credit: Ken Strohm/

Near the end of the show’s activities, the 920th Rescue Wing of the U.S. Air Force demonstrated techniques used to pluck down airmen and astronauts from the ocean. The demo included a C-130, demo jumpers and two Pave Hawk helicopters and was easily one of the most fascinating parts of the program. Especially when the jumpers swam to shore and posed for photos, gave high-fives to kids in attendance and displayed what they do on a daily basis – in such an awesome fashion.

Skydivers hurl themselves out of their C-130. Photo Credit: Ken Strohm/
Chute open, one of the divers prepares for splashdown. Photo Credit: Ken Strohm/
A frogman gets ready to dive into the water. Photo Credit: Ken Strohm/
Mission complete, the C-130 is escorted home by the two Pave Hawks that were a part of the demonstration. Photo Credit: Ken Strohm/

Now at this point, you’re probably saying, “Wait, where are all the cool planes and fighter jets?” Look st the article’s title – this is just the first part – the teaser – more Cocoa Beach Air Show goodness is coming!

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