Call for Papers: 2014 International Mars Society Convention

Photo Credit: The Mars Society
Photo Credit: The Mars Society

The Mars Society invites presentations for the 17th Annual International Mars Society Convention. Subjects for discussion can involve all matters associated with the exploration and settlement of the planet Mars, including science, technology, engineering, politics, economics, public policy, etc.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent by June 30 to: The Mars Society, 11111 West 8th Avenue, Unit A, Lakewood, CO 80215; or forwarded via email to: (e-mail submissions are preferred).

Proposed conference sessions:

  • The search for life on Mars
  • Latest findings from Mars spacecraft
  • Why Mars?
  • Plans for 2014 Mars missions and beyond
  • Curiosity rover – research & accomplishments
  • Concepts for future robotic Mars missions
  • Phobos & Deimos: Missions to the Martian moons
  • Planning for human missions to the Red Planet
  • Advanced space propulsion systems
  • Launch vehicles for Mars exploration
  • Long-range mobility on the Red Planet
  • Life support & biomedical factors
  • Human factors & crew composition
  • In-situ resource utilization
  • Mars agriculture & aquaculture technology
  • “The First Martians” – Building a permanent Mars colony
  • Educating the next generation of ‘Marsonauts’
  • Terraforming – Creating a Martian ecology
  • How Mars technology can benefit life on Earth
  • Analog studies relating to Mars exploration
  • Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS)
  • Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS)
  • University Rover Challenge (URC)
  • Youth Rover Challenge (YRC)
  • Proposed projects for the Mars Society
  • Technology to assist human space exploration
  • Entrepreneurial approaches to a Mars mission
  • Privately-funded Mars mission concepts
  • Mars political action and outreach
  • Public policy for Mars exploration
  • Benefits of space exploration for humanity
  • International cooperation in space
  • Martian law, governance & social systems
  • Philosophical implications for Mars exploration
  • Religion & space exploration
  • Asteroid missions & mining: A bridge to Mars?
  • Technologies for reaching the stars

On-line registration for the 2014 International Mars Society Convention is now available. Additional details, including a full speaker itinerary, will be posted on-line in the coming weeks and months. For general inquiries, please contact:

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