VIDEO: Watch the ISS Transit the Super Moon Sunday Night

The ISS transits the Super Moon Dec 3, 2017. Photo: John Kraus / AmericaSpace

Many people have seen the International Space Station (ISS) fly across the twilight sky like a bright star in the hours after sunset or before sunrise while it is still lit by the sun. But seeing it cross the moon is a real treat, usually requiring some planning.

Folks along Florida’s Space Coast were treated to such an opportunity Sunday night, Dec 3, when the ISS was to transit the full Super Moon near Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral AFS, so a couple of our local launch photographers set out to capture it.

The transit was short, lasting just 0.58 seconds.

In the video below, watch as the ISS transits the Super Moon



Read our report on photographing ISS lunar and solar transits HERE!


Here’s a composite of the Dec 3 transit, from John Kraus.



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