Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Calls Bolden

In an interview on MSNBC, Jay Barbree stated that the first man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong recently called NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden “…to express to Bolden his concern [about the new NASA plans]. Bolden told Neil that he was going to take care of it. And now we have Plan B.”

When asked about President Obama’s reasons for ending Constellation, Barbree said that he could not find any evidence or an anyone that could tell him that Obma’s finger-prints are on this new NASA plan, and that Charlie Bolden is trying to go back to Obama on the 2011 NASA budget. Barbree said that lower-level bureaucrats created this budget.

One Comment

  1. THANK GOD a great American Like Neil Armstrong can see this dismantling of a national treasure as a complete disaster, I hope he will continue stay in the fight.

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