Ares I and heavy lift can accelerate under Constellation

The New York Times article, Busy Schedule for Rocket Obama Wants Scrapped, outlines an accelerated schedule for the Ares I rocket, with first crewed flight in 2014, and a road map toward a heavy-lift option by 2018.  The accelerated schedule was developed by Constellation program manager, Jeff Hanley, under the assumption that Constellation, the Congressionally authorized program of record, could continue past FY2010.

“NASA managers in charge of the rocket, the Ares I, which is part of the program to send astronauts back to the moon, have put together an ambitious testing program to accelerate its development, including a flight in November 2014 with astronauts aboard.

That would be four months earlier than NASA’s current schedule, which calls for the first manned flight in March 2015, and much faster than the 2017 date predicted by a blue-ribbon panel that reviewed NASA’s human spaceflight program last year.”


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