National Space Council Needed to Fix National Security Space Program

Marcia Smith at has a good post on an article recently written by Dr. Johnson-Freese showing that Allard Commission Recommendations Still Valid, National Space Council Needed to Fix National Security Space Program

    Johnson-Freese finds that two years after the report was issued “military space integration is still limited by organizational gridlock and resistance, with few indications of positive change on the horizon. The answer for how to change that dim future outlook remains within the Allard Report.

    In particular, Johnson-Freese champions the Allard Commission’s recommendation to reestablish the National Space Council under the chairmanship of the National Security Advisor. The original National Aeronautics and Space Council, created as part of the 1958 law that established NASA, was abolished by President Nixon in 1973. A National Space Council was recreated by Congress in the FY1989 NASA authorization act, and President George H.W. Bush established it by Executive Order early in his term under the leadership of Vice President Dan Quayle. The Council still exists in law, but neither President Clinton nor President George W. Bush chose to staff or fund it. President Obama pledged to reinstate it during his campaign, but has not done so. ‘The ability to stifle such a promised action is a tribute to the power of bureaucratic and organizational politics,’ says Johnson-Freese.

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