Griffin: Let the Games Begin

Former NASA Administrator and current AIAA President-Elect Mike Griffin has an opinion piece over at the Texas Insider, Let the Games Begin. Dr. Griffin’s analysis is as cutting as it is accurate in detailing the Obama Administration’s duplicitous efforts to ruin the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft programs, even when the White House signed-off on both programs and the President signed them into law on October 11, 2010. Hopefully Dr. Griffin will continue to speak-out about the Administration’s space policy, a subject for which he, as the former NASA Administrator, is well-suited.

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  1. I just discovered your website.

    Your comments about Griffin are deeply disturbing and show a lack of objectivity that calls all your other reporting into question.

    Griffin was responsible for some of the worst decisions ever made by a NASA administrator, setting the US up to waste billions of dollar and the best part of a decade.

    I can only assume that, like him, you are a corporate tool.

    I won’t be back to your site

    • Ken,

      First, I’m a small businessman and have been since 1991. I took time from work to go back to school and earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in aerospace engineering. I even worked briefly at JPL before returning to the small business world. So I am no corporate hack.

      If you have some particular insight into what Griffin did that was so harmful to NASA, I’d like to hear about it.


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