XCOR Update on Lynx Rocket Plane

XCOR image of work being done on Lynx photo credit XCOR posted on AmericaSpace
XCOR welder, machinist and fabricator Eber West performs a test weld for a fixture to mount the Lynx truss to a firewall test stand. Photo Credit: XCOR

For many weeks and months the XCOR Team has been hard at work on a journey like no other, building Lynx. We would like to share that experience with you, and share what excites and motivates our team in developing Lynx. We will bring you the story daily, a piece at a time, all the way through the flight test program to first commercial flight. Just stay here to follow along. It will be a marathon, not a sprint. But it will be a marathon at Mach speed!

What you will see, hear and feel over the coming year is nothing less than the birth of a spacecraft told by the people who are that craft.

So welcome to the XCOR hangar. It’s going to be quite a ride—and you are coming with us.


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