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Space Coast Panelists Criticize President’s NASA Plans

Andrew Knapp

Florida Today’s space guru reporter Todd Halvorson, in his article, Panelists Criticize Space Plan, has a great breakdown of the problems facing the President should he decide to demonstrate a profile in courage and return to the Space Coast.

“President Barack Obama is in for a chilly reception when he visits the Space Coast next month if a community forum Tuesday on his locally unpopular NASA plan is any indication.”

Yes he is. That’s what happens when you propose to turf-out 7,000 38,000 people in an area not exactly brimming with folks like…say, Dade County is. But, if the President does not go to the Space Coast, which is the eastern anchor of the I-4 Corridor, his changes of holding that area needed for winning Florida in 2012 decline.

I think it has a lot of repercussions for the president. If a national candidate does not carry the I-4 corridor, they don’t win Florida – Senator Bill Nelson, D FL

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