Retro Space Images: Where Legends Walk

GT04-16-005_S65-30431 Retro Space Images NASA photo posted on AmericaSpace
Photo Credit: NASA / Retro Space Images

To Walk In The Black  Ed White becomes the first American to walk in space on this date in 1965 on Gemini 4.

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  1. This has been one of my favorite space images for years, and cause for somber reflection on the tragic loss of this hero.

  2. Seconded. As someone who holds by the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, I often wish I could live in one of the worlds where things went otherwise, and I could delight in his cavorting without my joy being blighted by the knowledge of the fiery doom awaiting him in less than two years.

  3. I remember seeing that awesome photo when I was little, and I thought to my self “Cool, Ed White is driving in space!” cause it seems like he has his hands on the wheel! (Well, I was less than 10 years-old at the time!) 🙂

    Iconic photo!

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