Mobile Service Tower Rolled Back in Preparation for Launch of WGS-6


Video courtesy of AmericaSpace

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla — The Mobile Service Tower (MST) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 37 (SLC-37) was rolled back the length of a football field revealing the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Medium rocket within. This impressive display is just one step in preparation for the launch of the rocket’s payload, the Wideband Global Satcom 6 spacecraft. The tower began its journey at 10:27 a.m. EDT. Forty-one minutes later, at 11:08 a.m. EDT, the MST’s movement was complete and the Delta IV Medium launch vehicle was exposed in preparation for this evening’s launch.

“This is my first opportunity to be here to witness a Delta IV launch,” said Jason Meredith with ATK, the company that provides the Gem-60 Solid Rocket Motors that help to boost the rocket to orbit. “This is an exciting event, and I’m extremely happy to be here for the rollback this morning, to witness the launch vehicle being prepared and ready to go. I’m looking forward to launch this evening. This is an amazing part of U.S. history, and we get to be a part of that—just very humbling and amazing.”

AmericaSpace photo ULA Delta IV Medium Wideband Global Satcom 6 Cape Canaveral Photo Credit Mike Howard - Cocoa Beach Photography
Photo Credit: Mike Howard / Cocoa Beach Photography

Liftoff is currently on time. The launch window extends for 49 minutes, opening at 8:29 p.m. EDT. Weather is currently providing an 80-percent chance of providing favorable conditions for launch. Stay tuned to AmericaSpace’s live launch coverage, either via our website’s Launch Tracker feature or on our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.


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