AmericaSpace Exclusive: Interview With ATK’s Kent Rominger & EADS Astrium’s John Schumacher

ATK's Kent Rominger and EADS Astrium's John Schumacher sat down and discussed some of the aspects of the Liberty Launch Vehicle. Image Credit: ATK

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – Kent Rominger knows a thing or two when it comes to human space fight – he ought to – he has flown into space aboard the space shuttle five times. John Schumacher isn’t a slouch himself having worked for NASA as both the agency’s Chief of Staff and Associate Administrator for External Relations. Schumacher also worked for Aerojet General before his time with EADS Astrium.These two aerospace experts, hot off of the announcement that ATK and NASA have signed into an unfunded Space Act Agreement to develop the Liberty rocket sat down for an interview with AmericaSpace.


With commercial space ventures all the rage, ATK has partnered with EADS Astrium, the producers of the highly-successful Ariane V rocket. With President Obama’s National Space Policy (NSP) stating that the U.S. should work closer with international partners – the fact that ATK is working with Europe’s EADS – is a sound move.


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