Trouble Understanding The Value of Space Exploration

During yesterday’s hearing of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation, its Chairman Senator Jay Rockefeller asked the question how does human space exploration matter, not only today, but in the future? He also wanted to know how human space flight helps the human condition, sufficient to its budget, in America?

Senator Rockerfeller doesn’t see why humans exploring space matters. Maybe we can help him see.

Why not tell Senator Rockefeller why human exploration of space matters to you?

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  1. wow. just wow. the chairman of the committee reviewing this thing is a self-avowed skeptic of its purpose. that’s unbelievably huge.

    • Yes it is. And doing so in public.

      But, Rockefeller is the Chairman of the authorization Committee, not Appropriations. And as big as this is, what will in the end matter most are the opinions are Inouye, Cochran, Shelby, Mikulski, Mollohan, Aderholt, Obey, and Lewis. Of those, Obey and Mollohan are already lame ducks, so their less-than-enthused support for human spaceflight will only have limited reach.

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