Second Open Letter to NASA Administrator Bolden

AmericaSpace Note: This came from “Concerned for NASA” this morning.

Concerned for NASA expresses what many feel but are unable to voice lest they wish to be horizontally transferred, as has been the fate of some, NASA OIG conclusions notwithstanding.

Concerned for NASA also posted this letter on the forums.

Dear Administrator Bolden:

Your agency-wide message to all NASA employees on Wednesday, July 28 appeared, in part, to be a response to the first “Open Letter” sent to you on Tuesday, July 27, calling for you to remove your Deputy, Lori Garver.

Rather than “celebrating your first anniversary at NASA with Lori”, you should be moving swiftly to replace her with someone who can help you implement the plan Congress is in the process of providing you.

Yes, the NASA family, Government and Contractor alike, have achieved many successes this past year, but this is in spite of Ms. Garver, not because of her. The NASA family is hurting because of the ill-conceived plan developed by Ms. Garver, Jim Kohlenberger of OSTP, Paul Shawcross of OMB, and Beth Robinson, NASA’s CFO. Congress knows it, you know it, and it’s time to act.

To simply restate the main message of the first “Open Letter” to you, it’s time to reset relations with Congress and the best way to do this is a clean sweep of Ms. Garver and company and replace them with competent managers who will not embarrass you, the President, or Congress.


Concerned for NASA

Congressional Space Leadership
President Obama
All NASA Center Directors
OMB Director
OSTP Director

AmericaSpace afterthoughts…
That NASA’s executive management has zero credibility with Congress is best exemplified by the votes of the Authorization and Appropriations Committees of both the House and the Senate that are strong rebukes of the President’s proposed changes to our nation’s human space flight program. It should be very sad day when the hopes of your policy being implemented rest on the lesser of two rebukes from Congress, indeed where the Obama space plan stands today, but the Administration does not seem to feel the sting. That can be the only conclusion when the Gang of Four remain within the Administration.

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  1. You were fired from NSS when Garver worked there and now you post these letters (that you wrote) and claim that they are from someone else and ask for Garver to be fired. Hilarious.

    • Ahhh…more of the same lies as before and seemingly by the same nitwit using a slightly less creative email address than before.

      So the person sending this goes by the email address, having previously emailed comments in as and When I worked at NSS in 1988, it was a 7-person shop. I’ve racked my brain and cannot think of anyone as dim as “former co-worker”.

      I write “dim” because whoever is leaving these comments after creating temporary email accounts is quite simply intellectually challenged on multiple levels and is possibly one of the least razor sharp people one could encounter in one’s life. We are, after all, talking about someone who, rather than engaging in a discussion of the facts, instead engages in ad hominem attacks that are false. Not content to make up these lies, this anencephalic states them in writing. And compounds this by doing so in a public forum. Using several domain email addresses. All of which can be tracked down. Real. Bright. Genius.

      Further, concluding that I am “Concerned for NASA”, my so-called “former co-worker” shows a lack of literary ability verging on illiteracy in an ability to perceive writing styles. “Concerned for NASA” writes in a far more straight-forward manner than do I, this comment being one bit of convincing evidence of that. Duh!

      As to “former co-worker’s” claims, let’s dispense with those.

      First, I wasn’t fired by NSS. Being an administrative assistant at NSS after earning my BA in History was not, after some reflection, the direction I wanted my life to go. I left NSS to earn an aerospace engineering degree. But instead of earning just a B.S.E., I also earned an M.S.E.. Today, I’m an iPhone programmer largely because of how much I enjoyed my freshman year programming course in U.T.-Austin’s aerospace engineering program.

      Believe me, I wish I was “Concerned for NASA”. But I’m not.

      And when I ask for someone’s resignation, I do so in my own name so they know who it comes from. I don’t hide, like individuals such as “former co-worker”.

      Anyway, here’s my response in more length in response to an earlier missive by “former co-worker”.

      My only request of “former co-worker” is to…come-out, come-out where ever you are.

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