‘NASA Johnson Style’ – NASA Parody Video of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’


Video courtesy of ReelNASA 

The South Korean musician PSY’s pop single “Gangnam Style” has been such a smash hit that even NASA has taken notice—and produced a parody. Dubbed “NASA Johnson Style” the nearly four-minute video details much of the Johnson Space Center’s current and future efforts.

The producers of the parody video obviously were given a very wide latitude and a number of prominent NASA officials appear in the video. Both the current and future Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Michael Coats and Ellen Ochoa, make brief appearances, but far more frequent and lengthy cameos are made by astronauts Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Mike Massimino, and Clayton Anderson (Anderson even “busts a move” with the actor filling in for PSY).

A number of parody videos have been made using recent hits as well as current NASA missions, mainly the Curiosity mission operating on Mars.

This feature is opinion-based and refers to a video, meant to entertain and inspire, treat it as such.

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  1. Awesome video! NASA continues to show that there are no bounds to education and fun. Thank you.

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