Unions + Business = Pro-Space Rally

Ares I--We Have Lift-off!

We just got this in from a very special person.

Time for Action

National AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka, presidents of national and international unions, Florida AFL-CIO President Mike Williams, elected officials and celebrity guests will speak.

However, this is not a union rally.

This is a community event intended to protect local business, our schools and the quality of life we presently enjoy.

Concerned citizens from across the state and country have already committed to join us. Now it’s up to us to make the rally a resounding success. The future of manned space flight and our jobs depend on our ability to convince the administration and Congress that the budget, as proposed, is a grave mistake and threatens our world Leadership in technological advancement while posing a risk to out national security. I will be needing seventy five volunteers the day of the rally to assist in parking control and aiding rally attendees. Additionally, we need help in leafletting Brevard merchants. We will be asking merchants to post flyers in their facility and publicize the rally on their marquees. This is a tremendous undertaking. A great deal of time and resources have been spent in making this event possible. Space supporters around the county have called and asked how they might help. Now it’s your turn to step up and offer assistance. Call me if your willing to help in making this rally a success. Your job depends on it.

Saturday, February 27th 3:00 PM
Brevard Community College North Campus
Titusville, FL

Lew 321 446-7092

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